About Us

Our Mission 

Utah Chinese Association is a 501 C3 non-profit organization.

Our mission is to bring Utah communities closer together through cultural engagement and enriching activities– to diversify our connection and nurture our friendships.

Our Team


Our Leader

Director: Mary Yang

Board Chair: Mary Yang

Board Chair : Yan Yan


Our Story

Since 2016, Utah Chinese Association  has been organizing hundreds of impactful activities and opportunities to share the joy of Chinese culture with the community at large. These activities encompass a wide spectrum, including the Days of 47 Parade, Chinese cultural celebrations, food bank fundraisers, youth math and business competitions, voter registration, citizenship, and healthcare consultations. To date, Mary Yang, the founder of UCA, has been a dedicated, full-time volunteer for more than four years, and nearly 500 volunteers from diverse backgrounds have contributed to the organization to enrich our local community.


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